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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being On Your Cell Phone Without Being On It To Much...

Hey girls!
I promise I will write about the summit soon! When I get the notification I'm a reporter, ok? :) For now I wanted to talk about cell phones.  Whether you range from "their no big deal" to when "their your life".  Comment what kind of phone you have if you have a phone.  Cell phones are great! They make great communication for people who travel you can do social networking on some phones and keep in touch with friends.  But, they could also be addicting and a waste of time.  
Remember that saying, "Everything in Moderation." If you haven't heard it, it's a good thing to remember it now. 
 For example: I had the LG Xenon from At&t.  I couldn't go on the internet, I could only text, call, take pics, take videos, and hat was pretty much it.  My mom went to Target and got an iPhone 3 for $40 for me and my dad.  The first and second day I got it, I was on it all day and late at night.  I was fascinated and curious which is a good thing.  The third day I realized how much I was on it and thought I needed space.  I put it down and went outside to play frisbee with my dogs.  When I came inside I was happy I did that.  Now I only go on it when I'm bored or if I need to do something important. In so many words, I'm not on it too much or OBSESSED with it.
If you think your on a cellphone to much, it might be hard to put it down.  But follow these easy steps.
1. Take a deep breath and put it down :)
2. Go outside, play with pets, invite a friend over go to your friends house, watch tv, family time, etc.  Anything to get the phone off your mind.
Then you should know that you can be on your phone without being on it all the time.
REMEMBER: Everything in Moderation!!!!
~Arianna <3

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