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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moving: Keeping In Touch With Friends

It can be VERY hard and sad when a friend moves or when you move! You go through all types of feelings, emotions, and stages. There is always going to be that hole in your heart when you move away or a friend moves away. Why couldn't they stay? Here's some advice on how to deal and keep in touch with your friends!
For girls who have moved:
So you just got the news that you're moving. MOVING?! We have to leave our house and my school and most of all.... my friends! What am I going to do? Well first off, you can spend your time being sad about it or you can think of it as a way to meet new people and get a fresh start in a new place! Before you move, make sure to spend A LOT of time with your friends so that when you do move you'll have lots of love to last for a long time!
Once you move, call your friends all the time. Write letters, text, email, skype, anything you can think of! So you're the new girl at school. First days are always hard but there are ways to get through them. Say hi to everyone and be super nice! If you're nice, they'll be nice back and you've just made a new friend!
For girls whose friends have moved:
Your friend just told you she's moving. :(. That's like the worst feeling ever! We do have to remember that it's going to be harder for them! Going to a whole new school and making new friends and basically starting your whole life over. We have to comfort our friends and be there for them when they need a shoulder to cry on. Keep in touch with her and text her, email, skype, and write letters! If she was the only one you ever hung out with then this is a new oppurtunity for you to make new friends.
So, have you ever had a friend thats moved? Have you moved before? How did you keep in touch with your friends? Hope you liked this blog!

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