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"Consider how hard is it to change yourself and you'll see how hard it is to change others."

Friday, January 21, 2011


Recently, at my small school, people got obsessed with this year's biggest fad: yes, you know what I'm talking about. SillyBandz. How did these colorful little rubber bands suddenly create an obsession that has completely blown out of control. Teachers hate them, kids adore them, who's right and who's wrong? I, myself own only SillyBandz, but stop wearing them cause they cut my circulation. The price of these little bracelets are about $5.99 for 24 bands. Does that seem expensive to you? But these little celebrities can be dangerous, too. Like I said before, they cut your circulation.  If you have so many bands they crawl up your arm, they could cut of your circulation. Also, they could be a disruption and a distraction in class. For instance, say you're sitting in Math, taking the hardest test OF YOUR LIFE and suddenly, you feel the urge to snap your SillyBandz on your wrist. That would not only distract you, it would distract your class. And also, SillyBandz can make fights break out faster than you can say, "I'll trade you my money sign for your unicorn!" So, what's your opinion of SillyBandz? How long do you think this trend will last? Respond with your comments!

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