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"Consider how hard is it to change yourself and you'll see how hard it is to change others."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Above The Influence!

I am a big fan of Above the influence.  I love it because they have such creative commercials, and they are all telling tween, pre-teens, and especially teenagers a great thing.  The message they are trying to send is you shouldn't get all caught up in peer-pressure, drugs, teen pregnancy, getting drunk and lots more.  People do make mistakes, but if you do it once don't do it again!  Don't get caught up in these things because you thinks it's cool.  In the end you'll regret it.
Why not to get caught up in it...

Peer-Pressure- It's not worth feeling bad about yourself, just to fit in and be popular.  It's been said by actual "popular" girls that it's not all polished and great.  One girl said,"I'm actually a nice girl.  I never bully or anything cause I think that is just plain wrong.  But since people see your popular, they automatically think your mean and full of yourself.  So it's not all that great." Full proof right here! Peer pressure, not worth it.

Drugs- Make you look awful and #1 reason not to use them: THEY'RE UNHEALTHY.  People think drugs help them get better but they don't.  They are really, really bad for you, and that's why they're illegal.

Teen pregnancy:  What a big responsibility!  Why ruin your life when your going through big changes and having fun, enjoying your teen life.  If you love your life don't ruin it by a teen pregnancy.

Getting drunk:  Getting into a car accident is one of the known mistakes of getting drunk.  There are so many others.  Getting wasted is dangerous, stupid, and can cause heath problems.  Alcohol isn't good for your body.  It makes you tired, throw up, and just makes you feel awful. Above the Influence has a saying, "Getting messed up is just another way, of leaving yourself behind."

Smoking: Everyone knows smoking makes your lungs black and wears them down.  It makes your teeth yellow and makes you have bad breath.  Smoking causes health problems like cancer, asthma, and more. Don't even think about trying it, because once you start it's hard to stop.

Together Above the Influence, you and all other agencies can come together and rise above the bad stuff and be above the influence!

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