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"Consider how hard is it to change yourself and you'll see how hard it is to change others."

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bullying issues...

A lot of girls, lately, have been trying to fit in.  They're worried about how they'll be bullied and they won't be popular.  The answer to all these things is be yourself!  If your bullied let that bully know you don't care!  That your not going to change for somebody!  When people bully you, that means they're insecure, they're not comfortable with who they are.  They can also be jealous of you.  Ignore them, pay no mind to them.  If they talk to you, go on with what your doing.  Act like they don't exist.  When they see bullying you doesn't bother you they will leave you alone.  If someone is bullying you and it's getting out of hand, tell a parent or an adult close to you that you know you can trust.  If you see someone else being bullied stand up for them or tell an adult.  Don't be scared to tell someone, in the end it's worth it.

3 Major Rules When It Comes To Bullying...

1. When violence is involved tell an adult immediately!
2.  Never let the bully put you down!
3.  Never start bullying others because it makes you popular, remember how much it hurts your feelings, and how it might hurt others.
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