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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Product Review: Squaredy Cats! It's about personality, it's about mood, it's about expression...

 So I wanna tell you girls about this awesome product for kids of all ages.  It's called Squaredy Cats, cute plush little kitty cats with cute says on their side.  Each cat makes a statement of self-expression through the  huggable little kitty.  I got Candie and Scarlett...both of them have a cute saying on their side...

I think each one is sooo creative and bright and cheerful.  There are lots of thing you can do with them! Like use them to decorate, use them as party favors, trade 'em, play with them, and of course cuddle with them!!!  There are also so many to choose from, and even more coming out!  I love all the detail they put on each Squaredy Cats.  Like, Candie has her adorable lollipop, Pearl has her cute camera, and Sandy even has a surf board!  Squaredy Cats is the new hot collectible.  I also got even more goodies! I got some cute pins...stickers...and postcards!!  

The pins are small so i can wear them, put them on purses, bulliten boards, lockers, on ribbons to hang up, and be creative and find more stuff to do with them!  

These Squaredy Cats are not only cute but they send a message: Don't be scared to be yourself!  Get your Squaredy Cats and find out more about them on

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  1. Squaredy cats are some of my favorite collectibles, and I have Gigi and Cheeri. I hope to get some of the new ones like Dazzle and Coolete!