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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Makeup or No Makeup?

Hey Girls!
Lots of girls have opinions on Makeup.  I always wasn't a big fan of it and love the "Natural Beauty" but I am a hair perfectionist.  I only like a bit of eyeliner and that's it.  Some girls love all makeup from lipstick to concealer.  While other girls wear nothing.  I wear makeup very rarely and usually wear nothing? What do you think?  When I do try to wear makeup, I don't put it on right and it comes out wrong.  I just find it as a waste of time.  But other girls find makeup as a way to express themselves.  Some girls put wayyyyy to much makeup on and I don't wanna look like that.  I'm a fan of the saying "Less is More."  And I really think that's true.  What do you think? Do you wear makeup or not? Why or why not?

If you would like to try makeup...
1. Ask your mom or an older sister, someone that's experienced
2. Check out a youtube video

See which style you want to try, like dark to light and girly.  See which works best for you.  Also see what kind of makeup you want to try, like eye makeup or power or concealer.

Make sure you know what you're doing.  For example: You don't wanna poke your eye holding the eyeliner pencil...:)
1 tip I do know...Don't apply liquid eyeliner to the waterline of your eye, it will sting.

Hope you enjoyed,

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