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Saturday, March 26, 2011

11 Reasons to LOVE Spring!

I love Spring!  I just think it is the most beautiful season of the year!   It's perfectly warm..not too hot, and not too cold.  Where I live, it's been pretty cold lately, but last week had such a beautiful spring like day!  And spring is OFFICIALLY started only a few days ago!! So, in honor of this beauuutiful season, I am going to make a list of 11 reasons to LOVE Spring!
11 reasons to LOVE Spring!!
1.  The weather!
2.  No more coats! *Finally*
3.  Flowers!
4.  Brighter colors!
5.  More daylight!
6.  More daylight!
7.  One season closer to summer!
8.  New Wardrobe!
9.  The outdoors!
10. Flip Flops!

Ahh,so psyched for spring!!  I just love that cheerful happiness that comes with springtime.  It truly is simply just a beautiful season!  What are some things you girls like about Spring?

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